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Top Tips

  • Drinking tereré is the ultimate Paraguayan pasttime, though choosing which brand of yerba to buy from the dozens on offer can be intimidating. Choose one with menta (mint) for a more refreshing tipple.
  • National snack chipa is on sale throughout the country, but it is MUCH better in the south. Avoid buying it in Asunción where the local recipe makes it dry and dusty, and get it from Coronel Bogado, the chipa capital, if you really want a cheesy treat.
  • It's hot in Paraguay, and paying a little extra for air-conditioning is usually a wise investment. However, you might want to take a blanket if traveling on buses at night. Even when it's cold, it is common for the drivers to blast out the air-con!

What to Take

  • Hat and sunscreen.
  • Binoculars, for wildlife-watching
  • A cell phone that accepts local SIM cards, to save roaming fees
  • Walking boots, for the spiny Chaco.

What to Wear

Paraguay is a rather conservative country, and though attitudes are changing fast, assumptions are sometimes still made about people based on their clothing. Paraguayans don't go shirtless unless they are on a beach, and it is appropriate to wear conservative clothing whenever entering religious buildings. You will not be allowed to enter government buildings wearing shorts.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Check your baggage allowance if you're flying in.
  • Make sure your travel insurance is comprehensive, especially if you plan to go to the Chaco.
  • Read up on Paraguayan history to put things in context.
  • Plan to get your visa in advance.