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Top Choice Art in Wewak

Ralf Stüttgen’s Place

Ralf's house, on a 400m ridge overlooking the coast at Tower (a radio mast), 15km inland from Wewak, overflows with Sepik carvings, collected over a lifetime from 50 different villages. Even if you don’t buy somethi…
Top Choice International in Wewak

Vanilla Room

The Vanilla Room is hands down the best restaurant in town, serving such culinary delights as seared yellow-fin tuna or chicken in green coconut curry. Look out for daily specials, including the terrific giant fresh…
Top Choice Cultural in Wewak

Garamut & Mamba Festival

Wewak’s garamut (drum) and mamba (bamboo flute) fest is usually held on the first weekend of September, and features song and dance as well as yam-planting ceremonies.
Art in Wewak

Sepik Surfsite Lodge

It's well worth supplementing your Sepik artefact hunt at this well-stocked shop next to the lodge. They have a large selection of carved storyboards from Kambot in the Lower Sepik, masks from Timbunke and Tambanum …
Market in Wewak

Main Market

The main market, at the west end of the town centre, is a colourful affair, with local ladies selling fresh produce, sago grubs and pungent smoked and dried fish. There are also a few bilums for sale.
in Wewak

Kreer market

There are several other markets around Wewak, of which Kreer market, on the airport road just before it turns inland, is the most interesting.
in Wewak

Dagua Market

There is also Dagua market which sells buai, pitpit and sometimes woven pandanus satchels.
in Wewak

Chambri Market

Chambri market on Boram Rd sells buai (betel nut) and a few artefacts.
Christian Site in Wewak

Catholic Church

House of worship.
Waterfront in Wewak

Mission Point to Cape Boram

Near the main wharf lie the rusting remains of MV Busama. Further down at Kreer, on the road to the airport, there’s the wooden hulk of a Taiwanese fishing junk. On the beach between Kreer Market and the hospital ar…