• Newspapers PNG has two daily English-language newspapers: the Post-Courier ( and the National ( . The weekly Wantok Niuspepa is written entirely in Tok Pisin, while the weekend Sunday Chronicle ( is PNG’s only locally owned newspaper.


  • Radio PNG has two government-funded national radio stations: Karai on the AM band and Kalang on FM. National commercial stations include NauFM (96.5FM) broadcasting in English and YumiFM (93FM) broadcasting in Tok Pisin. BBC World Service can be heard in Port Moresby on 106.7FM. There are numerous regional radio stations mostly devoted to local pop music. For a full list of stations and frequencies see


  • TV EMTV and Kundu 2 are the only free-to-air stations in PNG. There are seven ‘cable’ (actually satellite) channels plus a range of stations from rural Australia that can also be picked up by those with the capabilities.