Feature: the River Roads Less Travelled

While the Middle, Lower and parts of the Upper Sepik near Ambunti are relatively well-trodden by travellers, the sheer length of the river, its tributaries and its hidden lagoons offer unparalleled off-the-beaten-track adventure.

Below are some suggestions:

  • Korosameri River & Blackwater Lakes Terrific bird life, similar to the Wagu Lagoon, interesting village culture.
  • Wogamush River Unique Upper Sepik culture in Mapisi, Sio and Kubkain villages, with polygamous chiefs.
  • Yessan, Yambon, Maliwai & Mayo Less-visited Upper Sepik villages upriver from Ambunti, with new haus tambarans being built and carvings very distinct from the Middle Sepik.
  • Green River Take the rough road south of Vanimo and see if you can hitch rides between isolated Upper Sepik villages all the way down to Pagwi.