With sensible precautions and behaviour, the health risks to travellers in PNG are low. Mosquito-transmitted disease is the main problem.

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Availability of Health Care

In Port Moresby and Lae you can expect primary care of a high standard but limited by the lack of access to sophisticated medical equipment. Specialists in internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics/gynaecology are also available in these centres, while in Port Moresby there are also paediatric, orthopaedic, dental and psychiatric specialists.

In secondary centres (eg Madang), the quality of service can be lower – often because of lower-quality diagnostic and treatment facilities. Small hospitals, health centres and clinics are well placed throughout these centres but staffing and facilities will vary.

Drinking Water

The municipal water supply in the capital and in the majority of major towns can be trusted. If you’re trekking, drink only from streams at a higher altitude than nearby villages. It's always a sensible precaution to boil, filter or chemically disinfect water.