Top Choice Art in Wewak

Ralf Stüttgen’s Place

Ralf's house, on a 400m ridge overlooking the coast at Tower (a radio mast), 15km inland from Wewak, overflows with Sepik carvings, collected over a lifetime from 50 different villages. Even if you don’t buy somethi…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Kaminabit

Bowies Art Centre

Run by local carver and artist Ronnie, this riverfront store in the first (easternmost) village has the best concentration of artefacts on the Sepik, from Tanbanum masks and Minimbit guardian carvings to locally mad…
Books in Port Moresby

UPNG Bookshop

Sadly, there is only one decent bookshop in Port Moresby: the UPNG Bookshop and even that shop stocks mostly coursework materials and academic texts. Top-end hotels have a few overpriced books and there are a couple…
Market in Port Moresby

Ela Beach Craft Market

This is the best market in PNG, with items from all over the country – with more carvings, baskets, stone tools, adornments, shells and weavings than you can wave a koteka (penis gourd) at. (There are penis gourds f…
Market in Goroka


The open-air market is interesting to walk through and you’ll see piles of potatoes and exotic leafy greens as well as more familiar tomatoes, capsicums (bell peppers) and avocados. Bilums and Highland hats are sold…
Market in Port Moresby

Handicrafts Market

Boroko’s dusty central square is a good place to buy bilums, a selection of Sepik carvings, stone axes, kina-shell breastplates, shell jewellery and the like. Moresby’s sellers are used to the ways of tourists and w…
Art in Wewak

Sepik Surfsite Lodge

It's well worth supplementing your Sepik artefact hunt at this well-stocked shop next to the lodge. They have a large selection of carved storyboards from Kambot in the Lower Sepik, masks from Timbunke and Tambanum …
Arts & Crafts in Kiriwina Island

Obweria Village

Obweria village specialises in intricately carved ebony walking sticks, many decorated with pearl-shell inlays. Ebony is an extremely hard and brittle timber, and difficult to work, so carving it requires exceptiona…
Market in Wewak

Main Market

The main market, at the west end of the town centre, is a colourful affair, with local ladies selling fresh produce, sago grubs and pungent smoked and dried fish. There are also a few bilums for sale.
Market in Port Moresby

Port Moresby Grammar School Craft Market

A monthly event with carvings, tribal adornments, bilums and other paraphernalia from different parts of PNG. Good crowds and a party atmosphere.