Sandaun (pronounced ‘sundown’) Province is so named because it’s in the northwest of PNG – where the sun goes down. Formerly called West Sepik Province, it’s largely undeveloped, but agricultural activity around Telefomin, mining around Green River and timber development near Vanimo have brought rapid change. Gold is mined inland. There are opportunities to surf and enjoy the beaches here and it’s a very remote part of PNG.

Mountain Adventure

The craggy Hindenburg and Victor Emmanuel Ranges separate PNG's two mightiest rivers: the Sepik and the Fly. Dotted amid the mountains are the villages of the Min people, among the most isolated in PNG. Connected to the outside world by infrequent supply flights and to each other only by footpaths, they present a unique side of PNG culture, a subject on which anthropologist Dan Jorgensen is expert; he may be able to suggest a local guide. There is some spectacular, tough hiking to be done in these mountains; one demanding, week-long hike with a local guide can take you from the tiny Frieda River outpost via Eliptamin to Telefomin, the latter near the source of the Sepik River. Both Frieda River and Telefomin can be reached via charter flight.