Observatory in Rabaul

Vulcanology Observatory

A worthwhile site is the Vulcanology Observatory, about 900m off Tunnel Hill Rd, from where you can enjoy million-dollar views over the bay and the volcanoes. Ask to see inside where numerous informative posters exp…
Museum in Rabaul

New Guinea Club & Rabaul Museum

Established in 1933, the New Guinea Club was a businessmen’s club with strict guidelines for membership, although that didn't prevent a young Errol Flynn from charming his way in. It was badly damaged in WWII and re…
Historic Site in Rabaul

Admiral Yamamoto’s Bunker

There are Japanese tunnels and caverns in the hillsides around Rabaul, though nearby to the Rabaul Museum is Admiral Yamamoto’s Bunker. It is rather austere but nonetheless interesting and the placards near it are i…
Memorial in Rabaul

Japanese Peace Memorial

The Japanese Peace Memorial, the main Japanese memorial in the Pacific, is dignified and testament to the forgiveness of the local people. There’s another wonderful view from here.
Church in Rabaul

Catholic Church

The barn-like St Francis Xavier's Co-Cathedral was built in 1965 replacing the much more attractive original building, which was destroyed in WWII.
Ruins in Rabaul


A shipwreck in Simpson Harbour.