Books in Port Moresby

UPNG Bookshop

Sadly, there is only one decent bookshop in Port Moresby: the UPNG Bookshop and even that shop stocks mostly coursework materials and academic texts. Top-end hotels have a few overpriced books and there are a couple…
Market in Port Moresby

Ela Beach Craft Market

This is the best market in PNG, with items from all over the country – with more carvings, baskets, stone tools, adornments, shells and weavings than you can wave a koteka (penis gourd) at. (There are penis gourds f…
Market in Port Moresby

Handicrafts Market

Boroko’s dusty central square is a good place to buy bilums, a selection of Sepik carvings, stone axes, kina-shell breastplates, shell jewellery and the like. Moresby’s sellers are used to the ways of tourists and w…
Market in Port Moresby

Port Moresby Grammar School Craft Market

A monthly event with carvings, tribal adornments, bilums and other paraphernalia from different parts of PNG. Good crowds and a party atmosphere.
Arts & Crafts in Port Moresby

Beyond Art

In Town, Beyond Art is small and pricy.