Dangers & Annoyances

Parts of Port Moresby can be dangerous, but it’s not the hell on earth that many who’ve never been here make it out to be. The vast majority of visitors to Port Moresby leave unscathed and, if you use your common sense, you should be fine.

Always ask the locals when you arrive about what is safe. Walking around Town and Boroko during daylight hours should be fine, but most other places it's best to walk with a local. Avoid secluded urban areas at any time; raskols (bandits) are not strictly nocturnal. Stay out of the settlements unless you are with one of the residents (that includes Hanuabada). Don’t walk around Kila Kila, Sabama or Six Mile at any time. After dark, don’t walk anywhere. The most important thing is not to make yourself a target or put yourself in situations where you are vulnerable.