Islands, Beaches & Reefs

The wreck of the Burns Philp cargo ship MV MacDhui can be seen just breaking the surface in Moresby Harbour, off Hanuabada. It was sunk by Japanese aircraft in the early days of WWII. Its mast now stands in front of the Royal Papua Yacht Club.

Many expats have boats and the yacht club is busy on weekends. If you play your charm cards right, you might be asked out for the day. Manubada (Local) Island is popular for weekend beach trips, but carry your own water and sun protection because there is no shade. The Bootless Bay area, southeast of Port Moresby, and the other islands around the harbour are also popular.

There are many interesting places within easy reach if you have access to a boat. Basilisk Passage is the deep, narrow entrance to the Port Moresby harbour named by Captain Moresby after his ship, HMS Basilisk. The SS Pruth was wrecked on nearby Nateara Reef in 1924, and there’s the beautiful Sinasi Reef outside the passage and the adjoining Daugo Island, also known as Fisherman’s Island, which has lovely stretches of white-sand beaches.