Loloata Island Resort

Top choice resort in Loloata Island

About 20km east of Port Moresby, in Bootless Bay, this appealing island resort is a popular weekender getaway, as well as a destination in its own right for divers who plumb the depths of its 29 dive sites. Accommodation consists of large, comfortable beachfront bungalows with panoramic views northeast across Bootless Bay and the Owen Stanley Range. Pickup offered for daytrippers.

As well as first-rate diving, the resort also offers snorkelling, fishing and kayaking. A day trip, including return boat from Tahira Marina, lunch and a diving/snorkelling trip to the reefs around nearby Lion Island costs K180; pickup from hotels in Moresby an additional K60. Diving costs US$60 for one or US$150 for three dives (including equipment); night dives and PADI courses are also available. Loloata also offers a range of tours (such as Varirata National Park, Sogeri and Owers’ Corner).

To get there, drive out on the Rigo Rd (which meets the airport road in Six Mile) to the Tahira Marina on Bootless Bay. The resort’s boats depart the marina at 9am and 2.30pm daily. Alternatively, call ahead and the resort bus will collect you from the airport or your hotel.

At research time, the resort was being completely remodelled.