Top things to do

Pacific in Lae

Lae Bowling Club

Filipina Nana serves a few cheap, tasty dishes in informal surrounds.
International in Lae

Lae Yacht Club

The airy, informal ‘Yachty’ is in a prime position on the harbour and is good for both drinking and eating. Its Tuesday- and Friday-night barbecues are good value. The clientele is largely (but not solely) drawn fro…
Pizza in Lae

Luluai's Italian Restaurant

Possibly the best pizzas in PNG. Can't say the same for the pasta. The menu is also shared with the Kokomo Coffee Shop next door, which makes the cakes they both serve.
Indian in Lae

Salamaua Restaurant

Wednesday's curry night is the only place in town to get Indian food.
Fast Food in Lae

Stargate Food Bar

One of the more popular kai bars (cheap takeaway food bar) around town with a few tables and chairs. A greasy plate of kaukau (sweet potato), aibika (greens) creamed with coconut and chicken comes heaped with a lot …
Breakfast in Lae

Vanda Restaurant

A classy seafood buffet is served on Friday evenings and an equally scrumptious brunch buffet (10:00 to 14:00) on Sunday. Otherwise the mix of well-prepared international dishes includes crocodile satay, Mt Wilhelm …
Bar in Lae

Aero Bar

A quiet bar overlooking the foyer of the hotel and kitted out with WWII photography and aviation memorabilia. Collared shirts are mandatory. Downstairs the casual Sportsman Bar (open 09:00 till late) has a large-scr…
Live Music in Lae

Aviat Club

Serves the cheapest beer and reasonable Chinese; it's a very local scene with snooker tables, pokies and a band most Wednesdays. The main bar is members-only but the nightclub is not and considerably rougher.
Club in Lae

Planet Rock

A big nightclub opposite the old airfield where the music is deafening and security both inside and out is necessarily tight. There's no extra charge for fighting.
Gardens in Lae

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens offer a pleasant stroll through a patch of rainforest and grassland in the centre of Lae. Butterflies flutter and reptiles scuttle as you amble beneath the huge, vine-cloaked trees hosting floc…