Asian in Madang

Ocean Restaurant

Get here early to secure a table on the small harbourside veranda at lunch – for our money, the most atmospheric dining in town. The menu is dominated by Chinese cuisine, but there are a few inspiring Filipino dishe…
Chinese in Madang

Eden Restaurant

Admittedly, this restaurant doesn’t make much of an impression; it’s right on the foreshore but designed to have no views and be stiflingly hot. People don’t come for the view, however, but for the enormous selectio…
International in Lae

Lae Yacht Club

The airy, informal ‘Yachty’ is in a prime position on the harbour and is good for both drinking and eating. Its Tuesday- and Friday-night barbecues are good value. The clientele is largely (but not solely) drawn fro…
Chinese in Lae

Bunga Raya Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in Lae, the Bunga Raya draws a faithful crowd who come for the large selection of Chinese and Malay stir-fried classics. The lunchtime specials are particularly good value (K22) a…
Fast Food in Lae

Stargate Food Bar

One of the more popular kai bars (cheap takeaway food bar) around town with a few tables and chairs. A greasy plate of kaukau (sweet potato), aibika (greens) creamed with coconut and chicken comes heaped with a lot …
Breakfast in Lae

Vanda Restaurant

A classy seafood buffet is served on Friday evenings and an equally scrumptious brunch buffet (10:00 to 14:00) on Sunday. Otherwise the mix of well-prepared international dishes includes crocodile satay, Mt Wilhelm …
Pizza in Lae

Luluai's Italian Restaurant

Possibly the best pizzas in PNG. Can't say the same for the pasta. The menu is also shared with the Kokomo Coffee Shop next door, which makes the cakes they both serve.
Market in Lae

Main Market

The main market is a riot of colourful fruits and fresh vegetables – just keep your wits about you while you shop.
Supermarket in Lae

Food Mart

A well-stocked supermarket with all the self-catering supplies you could want.
Indian in Lae

Salamaua Restaurant

Wednesday's curry night is the only place in town to get Indian food.