Checking flights...


The Mendi airstrip is often unserviceable, mostly in the mornings, because of fog.

Air Niugini Has Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday flights to/from Port Moresby (K755). These flight have been suspended in the past owing to security concerns.


PMV trucks and more comfortable buses run back and forth between Mt Hagen and Mendi (K20, 3½ hours) with reasonable regularity. The road to Tari goes via Nipa and is a spectacular six- to eight-hour drive (K50). Unfortunately there is no love lost between the good folk of Nipa and Tari and roadblocks are regularly erected by the villagers of Nipa to extract compensation from the villagers of Tari for some misdeed. Furthermore, tribal warfare in the region is relatively frequent. During such times, westward travel from Mendi is impossible and you will need to take a flight from Mt Hagen to Tari.