Top things to do

Asian in Madang

Ocean Restaurant

Get here early to secure a table on the small harbourside veranda at lunch – for our money, the most atmospheric dining in town. The menu is dominated by Chinese cuisine, but there are a few inspiring Filipino dishe…
Cultural in Madang

Divine Word University Cultural Show

Usually held on the third or fourth Saturday in August (check with the Madang Visitors & Cultural Bureau), the Divine Word University Cultural Show is smaller than its highland cousins but still a riot of colour…
Chinese in Madang

Eden Restaurant

Admittedly, this restaurant doesn’t make much of an impression; it’s right on the foreshore but designed to have no views and be stiflingly hot. People don’t come for the view, however, but for the enormous selectio…
Museum in Madang

Madang Museum

In the same building as the Madang Visitors & Cultural Bureau, this small but fascinating museum is worth visiting. Learn about the 1660 eruption of Long Island. Look for the ceremonial headdress from Bosmum vil…
Cultural in Madang

Madang Festival

This festival on the Queen's Birthday weekend in June celebrates the diverse cultures of Madang Province from the mountains to the sea. Activities include vibrant floats, canoe races and singsing dances on Laiwaden …
Wildlife Reserve in Madang

Flying Fox Roosts

You can’t miss Madang’s bats, they’re everywhere; wheeling overhead all day, constantly disturbed by the town noises below. Locals told us that these kwandi (spectacled flying foxes) moved into town in the mid-1970s…
Market in Madang


The market has fruit and vegetables as well as some clothing, bilums and local shell jewellery.
Memorial in Madang

Coastwatchers’ Memorial Beacon

The 30m-high Coastwatchers Memorial Beacon, visible 25km out to sea, is a reminder of those who stayed behind enemy lines during WWII to report on Japanese troop and ship movements. It’s a rather ugly concrete memor…
Department Store in Madang

Beckzle Plaza

It’s possible to buy snorkelling gear from the sports shop in Beckzle Plaza.
Beach in Madang

Family Beach