Ruins in Kokopo

Queen Emma's Steps

From the Historical & Cultural Centre it's a short walk to the site of Queen Emma's house, Gunantambu, now occupied by of the Gazelle International Hotel and the Ralum Country Club. There's not much to see other…
Market in Kokopo

Kokopo Market

The buzzing Kokopo market is also well worth a stroll. It’s best on Saturday. Buai (betel nut) and its condiments, daka (mustard stick) and cumbung (mineral lime, which looks rather like cocaine in its little plasti…
Museum in Kokopo

East New Britain Historical & Cultural Centre

The interesting East New Britain Historical & Cultural Centre has a fine if deteriorating collection of historical objects. There are fading photographs and numerous WWII relics, including massive guns, torpedoe…
Cemetery in Kokopo

German Cemetary

Several significant German planters and early settlers are buried in this forlorn cemetery east of town.