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Island in Kiriwina Island

Kaileuna Island

Of the islands off Kiriwina, Kaileuna Island is the easiest and cheapest to access as boats carrying buai (betel nut) travel from Losuia most days. The villages of Kaisiga, in the south, and Tawema to the north have…
Cave in Kiriwina Island

Kalopa Cave

At Kaibola village, at the northern tip of Kiriwina, you can swim and snorkel at the picture-postcard beach, though much coral has died recently. About 1½ hours' walk from Kaibola is Kalopa Cave, near Matawa vi…
in Kiriwina Island


Megaliths made of a coral composite have linked the Trobriands to possible early Polynesian migrations. You can see them, but not without a guide - speak with Bweka Village Resort or Butia Lodge.
Village in Kiriwina Island


Halfway between Losuia and Kaibola, Omarakana is where the island's paramount chief resides. You'll know you're there by the large, intricate, painted yam house outside his Western-style house. If paying your respec…
Monument in Kiriwina Island

Plane Wreck

Various WWII relics, including the fairly intact remains of an American plane, can be seen near Butia Lodge.
Beach in Kiriwina Island


On the road south of Losuia, Wawela is on a beautiful, curving sand beach edging a cool, deep, protected lagoon. On a falling tide, beware of the channel out to sea from the bay: the current can be very strong. You'…
Furniture in Kiriwina Island

Bwetalu Village

Bwetalu village produces particularly fine stools and tables made of kwila, a local hardwood. You may get away with carrying a small stool home.
Carvings in Kiriwina Island

Obweria Village

Obweria village specialises in intricately carved ebony walking sticks, many decorated with pearl-shell inlays. Ebony is an extremely hard and brittle timber, and difficult to work, so carving it requires exceptiona…
Arts & Crafts in Kiriwina Island

Yalaka village

Yalaka village sells striking lime pots (gourds decorated with a distinctive black pattern and fitted with a boar's tusk stopper). Price varies, depending on size and quality (from K10).
Cave in Kiriwina Island

Sacred Cave

A 15-minute walk from Butia Lodge, there's a sacred cave of crystal-clear water that's popular with locals. You can swim in the cool water provided you get permission from the owner.