Pickings for sightseers are quite slim in spread-out Kavieng.

The northern end of Nusa Parade provides the setting for a lovely waterfront walk; the huge fig trees almost meet overhead. If you keep heading north of the Malagan Beach Resort, you will reach the intimate surrounds of Patailu village.

The southern section of Nusa Pde continues past the market and further along on the left are the provincial government buildings, built on the site of Baron Boluminski’s residence.

The closest thing Kavieng has to a regular ‘sight’ is the Bagail Cemetery, where Boluminski was buried. The tough guy’s grave is right before you as you enter the cemetery.

Kavieng has a large and beautiful harbour. You can go down to the waterfront and catch a banana boat out to one of the many islands.



Kavieng has an up-and-coming surf scene, with a good range of reef breaks, both lefts and rights, that are easily accessible. They vary in difficulty, depending on the size and direction of the swell. From November to late April, swells of up to 2.4m are not unheard of. Among the most thrilling spots are Pikinini, Karanas, Nago Island, Edmago Island, Long Longs and Ral Island. For more information, contact the guys at Nusa Island Retreat, they are surf specialists and can arrange surf packages.


No less impressive than the surfing is the diving and snorkelling, with a wide array of pristine sites. Expect drift dives in pelagic-packed passages, thriving reefs and wreck dives, plus coral-fringed deserted islands for easy shore-based snorkelling.

Other Activities

Other sporting opportunities include cycling the Boluminski Hwy, canoeing and kayaking. You can hire a canoe from Nusa Island Retreat and paddle around Nusa Lik Island. Tailored guided kayaking trips in the Lavongai (New Hanover) area are also available.

Guided Tours

Nusa Island Retreat can arrange tours, including snorkelling and surfing trips, and can arrange land tours.