Cemetery in Kavieng

Bagail Cemetery

The closest thing Kavieng has to a regular 'sight' is the Bagail Cemetery, where Baron Boluminski was buried. The tough guy's grave is right before you as you enter the cemetery.
Bay in Kavieng

Kavieng Harbour

Kavieng Harbour is large and beautiful. You can go down to the waterfront and catch a banana boat out to one of the many islands. New Sulaman makes for a good picnic and snorkel. You can negotiate a 'drop me off, pi…
Notable Building in Kavieng

Provincial Government Buildings

The southern section of Nusa Parade continues past the market and further along on the left are the Provincial Government Buildings, built on the site of Baron Boluminski's residence.
Notable Building in Kavieng

Kavieng Courthouse

Kavieng's courthouse is near the sports ground.
Memorial in Kavieng

War Memorial

The War Memorial is by the water.