Top Choice Cultural in Trobriand Islands

Milamala Festival

Milamala celebrates a bountiful crop of yams, harvested between June and August. Festivities culminate in a week of canoe racing, cricket matches, ribald dancing and free love. Before you get excited, note that visi…
Top Choice Cultural in Goroka

Goroka Show

The Goroka Show is held over the Independence Day weekend (mid-September) at the National Sports Institute’s Sports Oval. It attracts more singsing (celebratory dance/festival) groups than the Mt Hagen show and ther…
Top Choice Cultural in Alotau

Milne Bay Canoe & Kundu Festival

One of Papua's cultural highlights comprises dozens of canoes, some with 40-plus warriors, adorned in traditional dress and paddling to the beat of island drums, leaving a powerful impression. The dance performances…
Top Choice Cultural in Port Moresby

Hiri Moale

Port Moresby’s big event is the three-day Hiri Moale Festival, celebrated around September 16 to coincide with Independence Day. Motu people race giant canoes and celebrate the shift in trade winds that traditionall…
Top Choice Cultural in Wewak

Garamut & Mamba Festival

Wewak’s garamut (drum) and mamba (bamboo flute) fest is usually held on the first weekend of September, and features song and dance as well as yam-planting ceremonies.
Cultural in Mt Hagen

Mt Hagen Show

It’s not as big as the Goroka Show, but the Mt Hagen Show is definitely a must-see. It’s held at the showgrounds, 13km northeast of town. Tickets can be brought from Trans Niugini Tours and major hotels prior to the…
Cultural in Simbai

Kalam Culture Festival

Simbai’s cheif attraction is this festival, held on the Wednesday and Thursday following the Goroka Show in mid-September. The idea is tourists can travel from one to the other and experience two quite different fes…
Cultural in Wabag

Enga Cultural Show

The main (and cynics might say, only) reason to visit Wabag is the annual Enga Cultural Show, a smaller version of the Mt Hagen and Goroka Shows. Like the Mt Hagen Show, it is held in mid-August, presumably with the…
Cultural in Lae

Morobe Show

The Morobe Show has become arguably the best-organised cultural show in PNG. It’s usually on the full-moon weekend in late October (check the website for exact dates). Held at the Lae Showgrounds, Saturday is devote…
Cultural in Madang

Divine Word University Cultural Show

Usually held on the third or fourth Saturday in August (check with the Madang Visitors & Cultural Bureau), the Divine Word University Cultural Show is smaller than its highland cousins but still a riot of colour…