Top Choice Island in Muschu Island

Yuo Island

This small island has delightful picture-perfect beaches under coconut trees, a couple of decent waves if you bring your own surfboard and paddle out to sea, and super-clean water for snorkelling. It's about 20 minu…
Memorial in Cape Wom

Cape Wom International Memorial Park

Fourteen kilometres west of Wewak, this is the site of a wartime airstrip and the war memorial marks the spot where Japanese Lieutenant General Adachi signed the surrender documents and handed his sword to Australia…
Architectural in Maprik Area

Haus Tambarans

There are numerous villages around Maprik, many with a striking, forward-leaning haus tambaran, an architectural style echoed in such modern buildings as Parliament House in Port Moresby. The front façade of th…
Park in Wewak

Japanese Memorial Peace Park

This peace park marks the mass grave of many troops. The soldiers’ bodies were later exhumed and returned to Japan. Here you'll find a memorial and a fish pond. Tok Pisin doesn’t have a word for peace; ‘peace’ sound…
Waterfront in Wewak

Mission Point to Cape Boram

Near the main wharf lie the rusting remains of MV Busama. Further down at Kreer, on the road to the airport, there’s the wooden hulk of a Taiwanese fishing junk. On the beach between Kreer Market and the hospital ar…
Landmark in Wewak

Wreck of MV Busama

Near the main wharf lie the rusting remains of MV Busama.
Christian in Wewak

Catholic Church

House of worship.
Cemetery in Wewak


Cemetery on the north edge of Wewak Town.
Island in Muschu Island

Muschu Island

Palm trees, turquoise waters, nearby reefs and a left-hand point break (November to March) make Muschu one of Papua New Guinea’s best-kept secrets. Hidden in the jungle are two Japanese anti-aircraft guns and a plan…