Top things to do

Top Choice Cultural in Trobriand Islands

Milamala Festival

Milamala celebrates a bountiful crop of yams, harvested between June and August. Festivities culminate in a week of canoe racing, cricket matches, ribald dancing and free love. Before you get excited, note that visi…
Top Choice Cultural in Alotau

Milne Bay Canoe & Kundu Festival

One of Papua's cultural highlights comprises dozens of canoes, some with 40-plus warriors, adorned in traditional dress and paddling to the beat of island drums, leaving a powerful impression. The dance performances…
Top Choice International in Alotau

Jeff's Bar & Grill

Jeff's is where it's at, particularly on weekends, when well-heeled locals haunt the bar decked out with indigenous artefacts. Have your meal cooked in front of you at the excellent Teppanyaki Bar (bring three frien…
Top Choice International in Alotau

Napatana Bar

Beautifully decorated with a war canoe in the rafters and Sepik carvings, Napatana Bar is the place to rub shoulders with expats and nationals alike. The menu swings from lunchtime fish and chips and hamburgers to s…
Arts & Crafts in Kiriwina Island

Obweria Village

Obweria village specialises in intricately carved ebony walking sticks, many decorated with pearl-shell inlays. Ebony is an extremely hard and brittle timber, and difficult to work, so carving it requires exceptiona…
International in Alotau

By the Bay Restaurant

The International Hotel's restaurant serves a consistently tasty, surprisingly inexpensive and eclectic mix of dishes, from lobster thermidor and seafood linguine to some genuine Indian flavours (the fish Chettinhad…
Market in Alotau

Alotau Town Market

Alotau's biggest market is a hive of activity, bustling with vendors of fresh produce and fish. Higglers from nearby villages sit among mounds of yams and taro, while by far the most popular item for sale is the bet…
Cafeteria in Alotau

Malabu Cafe

Inside the Masurina Business Centre, this kai bar has affiliations with Butia Lodge on the Trobriand Islands and serves an assortment of grilled chicken, lamb stew and insalubrious-looking sausages.
Homewares in Kiriwina Island

Bwetalu Village

Bwetalu village produces particularly fine stools and tables made of kwila, a local hardwood. You may get away with carrying a small stool home.
Bar in Alotau

The Jetty

The Jetty is built on a wharf next to the Alotau International Hotel.