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Private Tour: Full day Kokoda Track Hike

After a 7am pickup at your hotel this tour begins with a 1 hour drive up Rouna Gorge to Sogeri township.[If taking this tour on a Sunday during the academic year you have the option of an enroute stop at the weekly market at the Pacific University on the way up to Sogeri.]At Sogeri you will turn onto a side road for a 30 minute bumpy ride to Owers Corner picnic park which marks the southern end of the Kokoda Track/Trail, a 96 kilometer walk over arduous terrain to Kokoda on the other side of the Owen Stanley Range of mountains.  At Owers Corner there is a Howitzer artillery gun on display that is identical to the one assembled there in August 1942 to shell the Japanese position at Ioribaiwa Ridge. There are also some information boards about the Kokoda Campaign of 1942 when some 300+ Australian soldiers were killed in hand to hand combat or died from malaria and sepsis along the trail. Japanese casualties were many times higher. From Owers Corner your guide will lead you on a steep walking descent to Goldie River (hard on the knees) and you will wade across the river (remove trousers and shoes and cross the water in shorts) then make a steep climb up the "Golden Stairs" on the other side of the river gorge (the original stairs or pegged wooden steps are now gone). Rest at the top then descend again, have a swim in the river to cool off then tackle the final steep climb back up to Owers Corner.An optional stop at the Bomana War Cemetery is possible on the way back to Port Moresby if time allows. It's better to do this on the way back so as to get in and out of Owers Corner as early as possible before the afternoon rains that are common up on the Sogeri Plateau.Note that in case of moderately wet weather the tour will still proceed (we supply umbrellas and rain poncho's) and it will give you an even more authentic experience of what the Diggers of 1942 experienced. If our guide considers the walk unsafe due to heavy rain, strong winds or the possibility of flashing flooding in the Goldie River, or if the road to Owers Corner is impassable, the tour may be either be cancelled at short notice on the day or even after the tour has commenced, in which case a full refund will be provided, or you may be offered an alternative cross-country hike in another location on the Sogeri Plateau (eg Varirata National Park).

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