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D’Entrecasteaux islanders are still largely subsistence horticulturalists, living in small, traditional villages and fishing the coastal waters. People of this area still participate in the kula ring of exchange and some still travel widely to other islands in their seagoing sailing canoes.

The whole archipelago is off-the-beaten-track travel at its best. It can be difficult to contact anyone on the islands because the phones rarely work. Try the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau instead. Adventurous travellers can spend weeks exploring coastal villages, sleeping with families on sleeping mats and sharing their food. You can hire one of the dinghies at East Cape (from K300 per day, including crew) and stock it with a couple of drums of petrol and bags of rice and tinned fish. Or, if you have more time than money, catch a boat from Alotau's Sanderson Bay to the island of your choice and hitch rides with local fishermen to get from village to village.

Village guesthouses on the islands typically charge around K100 per person per day, including meals and activities.

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