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Historic Site in Around Rabaul

Submarine Base

For a picnic spot, nothing can beat the Submarine Base at Tavui Point. The Japanese used to provision submarines here during the war. There are tunnel and rail track remnants below and guns and relics in the hills. …
Island in Around Rabaul

Matupit Island

The 1994 eruption should have destroyed little Matupit Island but the prevailing winds brought Tavurvur’s load over Rabaul and left this connected island almost unscathed thanks, villagers say, to the local dukduks.…
Historic Site in Around Rabaul

Japanese Aircraft Wrecks

In the same area at Matupit Island, there’s quite a smattering of Japanese aircraft wreckage scattered among the palm trees and now semi-buried in earth, including a Japanese Betty Bomber and a helicopter. They are …
Landmark in Around Rabaul


The two rocky pinnacles rising from the centre of Simpson Harbour are called the Beehives and are said to be the hard core of the original old volcano. You can visit them by boat and there is some good diving and sw…
Spring in Around Rabaul

Hot Springs

These hot springs are an impressive sight amid an eerie landscape where locals cook and devour their megapode eggs.