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At Kona village, nearby to the larger Minima village, you get the opportunity to experience village life first-hand as well as hike to a flying-fox cave, ancient burial grounds and a traditional singsing site. Bruce Mondo and Vero Mondo, of the Kona Village Cultural Group, run all these activities and also offer village guesthouse accommodation for independent travellers. Also nearby, the village of Bamugl is renowned for its painted skeleton dancers that reenact the rescue of a young boy from the scary-looking mountain spirit, Omo Massler. Performances such as these can be seen at the large Goroka and Mt Hagen shows, however, they are much more powerful when performed in the home village for a small group of spectators.

Diugal Cave is a limestone overhang that was once the place where leprosy sufferers were banished to help limit the spread of the disease. The Kunabo Women's Skeleton Group, in the village of Diugal right below the Diugal Cave, are committed to retaining local kastom (culture) through song and dance. They will explain the cave's prominence and perform for a negotiated fee. Other caves around Kundiawa invite exploration, but as many were used as burial places you shouldn’t visit them without consulting locals as they may be tambu (forbidden).

Village visits and performances are best organised through local tour companies such as those in Goroka.

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