Top things to do in Yaviza

Panamanian in Yaviza

Mi Niña Nidia

We might visit this place for the name alone, but its eyrie-like position above the main street and overlooking the port is a major draw (as is a quick breakfast before the boat to El Real sets sail).
Fort in Yaviza

Fuerte de San Gerónimo

Yaviza's only real 'sight' (apart from the wobbly footbridge spanning the Río Chucunaque), the ruined Fort of St Geronimo, built by the Spanish to keep pirates (and buccaneers and privateers and corsairs) at bay loo…
Panamanian in Yaviza

Fonda El Puerto

This very simple place opposite the ferry pier serves up the usual comida típica, local fare that offers few surprises but will get you through the day.
Bridge in Yaviza


This wobbly suspension footbridge over the Río Chucunaque links Yaviza proper with the 'suburb' of Puerto Nuevo.
Bar in Yaviza


A strip of raucous cantinas a few blocks southeast of the ferry pier playing mostly Colombian music.