Top Choice Art in Portobelo

Galería Casa Congo

A wonderful gallery with museum-quality pieces made by Panamanian photographers, crafts people and artists. Helpful displays explain the cultural background of the groups represented, including Afro-Caribbean and in…
Top Choice Art in Panama City


An excellent place to find original Guna embroidery with modern designs and Congo art from Portobelo, with artisans working on site. Karavan commissions local artists and works closely to develop new talent.
Fashion & Accessories in La Pintada

Artesanías Reinaldo Quirós

The workshop and residence of one of La Pintada's most famous hatmakers is in the center of the town on the left side of the soccer field. He'll gladly show you around his workshop. Hats for sale range in price from…
Art in Portobelo

Taller Portobelo

This artist-run studio is fascinating for art and culture buffs. Resident artist Gustavo can explain the historical and cultural significance of Congo art. There may also be works for sale. It’s located behind La Mo…
Arts & Crafts in Bocas del Toro Town

Artesanía Bribrí

This centrally located and heavily stocked shop sells hammocks, clothing and local handicrafts, such as jute bags made by indigenous Ngöbe people, molas by Guna people and mats from the Darién.
Fashion & Accessories in Panama City

Papiro y Yo

An innovative boutique selling mola (traditional Guna embroidery) designs reimagined on gorgeous Italian silk. It also sells stylish jewelry and baskets crafted from recycled materials.
Fashion & Accessories in Panama City

Victor's Panama Hats

If there’s one thing you should buy when you’re in Panama, it’s a Panama hat. Although Ecuadorian in origin, they were firmly adopted by Panamanians after President Roosevelt was photographed wearing one at the cons…
Books in Panama City

El Hombre de la Mancha Bookstore

The wooden shelves of El Hombre de la Mancha feature predominantly Spanish language titles, but there’s a reasonable selection in English too, especially about Panama and its famous canal. Located in La Plaza in Ciu…
Arts & Crafts in Panama City

Casa Latina

Colorful Casa Latina has a large selection of beautiful handicrafts, ranging from the affordable to a Panama hat on sale for US $2,500! Some of the items on collectors’ lists include the detailed animal masks made b…
Market in Santiago

Ceramica La Peña

A ceramic workshop and artisan market, this place sells wood carvings and baskets made by the Emberá and Wounaan peoples of the Darién, woven purses and soapstone figurines made by local Ngöbe-Buglé people, and mask…