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Getting There & Away

From Santiago's Veraguas Bus Terminal, west of the Interamericana and north of Av Central, buses depart for David (US$9, three hours) hourly from 9am to 3am, Panama City (US$9.50, four hours) hourly from 4am to 9:15pm, and Chitré (US$3, one hour) every 20 minutes.

Buses to Santa Fé (US$3, 1½ hours) depart half-hourly from 5am to 7:30pm. To get to Santa Catalina, you must first take a bus to Soná (US$2.40, one hour, half-hourly from 7am to 6pm), then transfer to Santa Catalina (US$5, 1½ hours, 5am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm). Buses charge extra for surfboards. Up to 10 buses a day link Santiago with Torio (US$5, 1½ hours), via Mariato on the Sunset Coast, between 6am and 5pm.

Express buses to and from Panama City and David also stop at the Centro Piramidal at the eastern end of Av Central on the Interamericana, but at busy times they can often be full.

You can also hire Radio Taxi to take you to the Iglesia de San Francisco de la Montaña in San Francisco (US$10 one way) or to the towns of Santa Fé (US$30), Soná (US$35) or Santa Catalina (US$80).