Top Choice Cambodian in Santa Fé

Anachoreo Restaurant

This intimate eatery at the hotel of the same name ranks among the finest eating this side of Panama City. The Cambodian owner/chef is a wonderful cook and delightful presence. Don't miss the Cambodian chicken curry…
Panamanian in Santa Fé

Restaurante Hermanos Pineda

This welcoming, family-run place just up from the town center serves Panamanian favorites (think beans and lots of fried stuff) and has also branched out to pizza (US$5 to US$12). The large open veranda looking out …
Cafeteria in Santa Fé

Fonda de la Terminal

This simple, no-nonsense cafeteria next to the bus station offers some of the best comida típica (regional specialties) around. It's friendly and very clean.
American in Santa Fé

Cafe Dorada

A change in ownership at this sprawling restaurant with a large veranda has seen a change in menu and clientele – neither are 'gringo deluxe' any longer. Expect a fair bit of seafood and Panamanian dishes. We'd to s…
Supermarket in Santa Fé

Super Santa Fe

The town’s most complete grocery store is on the right-hand side as you come into town.