Santa Fé attractions

Mountain in Santa Fé

Cerro Tute

With excellent open views of the valley, Cerro Tute is home to the area’s famed bird life and features a cliff blasted with up-currents that seem to prevent anyone falling off. An extensive trail network winds throu…
Waterfall in Santa Fé

Cascada de Bermejo

An excellent half-day road and trail walk (five hours round trip) leads to this tall waterfall with a delightful swimming hole in the dry season. Follow the road past William’s inner-tube rentals; after taking the B…
River in Santa Fé

Río Bulaba

There’s a lovely swimming hole on this river about a 20-minute walk from town. Head northeast along the road past the Coffee Mountain Inn on the way to El Pantino. The swimming hole is about 600m from there.
National Park in Santa Fé

Parque Nacional Santa Fé

This vast, mountainous park covers 726 sq km of pristine wilderness, extending from the northern edge of Santa Fé to the Cordillera Central, and includes the rugged area of Alto de Piedra. It's part of the northern …
Waterfall in Santa Fé

Alto de Piedra

There are three waterfalls in Alto de Piedra northwest of town. Though you can visit on your own, access can be difficult and affected by recent weather conditions; we recommend you hire a guide to visit these areas…
Waterfall in Santa Fé

El Salto

The impressive waterfall known as El Salto lies about three hours southeast of Santa Fé along a 4WD road that is usually only accessible during the dry season. On foot, it is a full eight-hour excursion including ti…
Church in Santa Fé

Catholic Church

This landmark church is in the center of Santa Fé.
Park in Santa Fé

Feria de Santa Fé

The town's fairgrounds are where all important events and celebrations take place.