Top things to do in Sambú

Village in Sambú

Puerto Indio

From Sambú, visitors can cross the Río Sábalo Bridge to the twin village of Puerto Indio (with permission from the Emberá and Wounaan) and visit petroglyphs or mangrove forests. The village stands in stark contrast …
Bar in Sambú

Mis Cabañas del Nuevo Milenio

This cimarrón-owned shop up a flight of steps at the northern end of the village also has a couple of thatched cabañas at ground level for serious boozing and music that blasts half the village away. Beer is cold, b…
Panamanian in Sambú


Pretty much the only game in town, this tiny place with two tables serves up acceptable fish, chicken and pork dishes with the inevitable patacones (fried plantains). Cold beer and a warm welcome.
Village in Sambú


This Emberá village south of Sambú is worth visiting. Get here by public bus (US$1), which runs along the paved road leading south from town between 6am and 8pm.
Bakery in Sambú

Panadería y Pasteleria Noe

This simple bakery and cake shop is one of the few food outlets in Puerto Indio.
Bar in Sambú

La Gringa

This bar with the generous (for Sambú) hours hasn't seen a lot of gringas (or gringos for that matter) darken its doors over the years but it lives in hope. It's usually pretty quiet.
Bridge in Sambú

Río Sábalo Bridge

Cross the Río Sábalo bridge to reach Sambú's twin indigenous village of Puerto Indio.