Top Choice Spanish in Santa Clara


With its oddly shaped columns and mustard-yellow exterior, this hangar-like eatery (it was once a US-military social club) offers an excellent selection of tapas, paella, delicious clams in white wine and a catch of…
Top Choice Fusion in Pedasí

Mare Bonita

Considered by many to be the best restaurant in Pedasí, it's certainly the most inventive. Chilean chef Luis Morales keeps the menu in a state of flux, offering teriyaki chicken and Thai-style pork one week, and gou…
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Pedasí


Love, love, love this place serving inventive dishes with Middle Eastern (especially Israeli) accents and lots of vegetarian choices. There are tapas (US$3) and sandwiches (US$6 to US$8) if you're just peckish. You'…
Top Choice Fusion in Santa Catalina

Hibiscus Restaurant

This fantastic restaurant under the command of German chef Sven Holst serves up award-winning seafood dishes such as local clams with saffron and tomato. Holst's years in Asia are evident in the delightful shrimp ne…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Isla Carenero

Leaf Eaters Cafe

This vegetarian and vegan lunch place has moved from its old location and settled almost opposite above the water on Isla Carenero. It serves quirky and remarkably flavorful vegetarian dishes such as 'hippie bowls' …
Pizza in Santa Catalina

Pizzeria Jammin

A Santa Catalina mainstay, this open-air rancho offers delicious thin-crust pizzas baked in a stone oven. Nightlife tends to concentrate here – perhaps it’s the cheap beer, though there’s also good wine and picnic t…
Argentine in Santa Catalina

Los Pibes

This good-vibe Argentine eatery is an original – from its menu of nachos, steak and small Argentine-style empanadas (turnovers stuffed with meat, cheese or veggie mixes) to its margaritas and mojitos. They will even…
North American in Santa Catalina

La Buena Vida

If you’re hitting the water early, this will be the first spot open for a bite. Great options include breakfast burritos and Greek scrambles with feta, olives, tomatoes and eggs. This funky tiled cafe perched above …
Italian in Santa Catalina

Pingüino Cafe

This thatched Italian-owned restaurant on the public beach is the undisputed spot for a sunset beer. Pasta dishes are a tad pricey given their somewhat reckless preparation. We recommended the whole fried fish with …
Panamanian in The Road to Yaviza


Roadside restaurant Avicar serves traditional country-style Panamanian dishes. You’re likely to share a table with some pretty interesting characters.