US dollar (balboa; $)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$70

  • Dorm bed: US$18
  • Dine on comida corriente (set meals US$7), visit markets and street stalls
  • Plan sightseeing via bus, DIY visits to beaches and waterfall hikes

Midrange: US$70–150

  • Double room at a midrange hotel: US$60–130
  • Some fine dining, activities (snorkel rental or surf lessons) and regional flights
  • Car rental: per day US$50

Top end: More than US$150

  • Double room at a high-end hotel, resort or lodge: from US$130
  • Meal at a fine-dining restaurant: US$50
  • Guided trips with bilingual naturalist guides
  • Internal flights and 4WD rental


It's OK but not all that common to bargain at markets and street stalls, but educate yourself first by asking around to get an idea of the pricing of different items, particularly handmade goods, and the specific factors that contribute to the quality. Rather than intensive negotiations, just ask for a descuento (discount).


Caja de Ahorros National Savings Bank branch in nearby Santa Fé; has an ATM.