The village's main beach is not really safe for swimming owing to the strong undertow and riptides. Instead, head south to the next bay and sheltered Playa Fondeadero.

The community can organize traditional cultural displays, including dancing, music concerts and craft-making.


Aside from interacting with Emberá villagers, the highlight here is taking a guided two-hour walk to a harpy-eagle nest (included if staying the night). The walk winds through lush secondary forest brimming with tropical birds and insects; be prepared to ford a dozen streams. Bring a camera, as harpy eagles are easily photographed with a telephoto lens. On the return from this hot and sweaty hike you'll be rewarded with a splash in a large crystal-clear pool created by a waterfall.

Local guides will happily take you on a more ambitious hike (US$15, 2½ hours) to the Casa de la Bruja (Witch's House), the peak known as Tulivieja locally.