Playa Bluff & Around attractions

Beach in Playa Bluff & Around

Playa Bluff

This lovely beach is pounded by intense waves. Though you wouldn’t want to get into the water here without a board, the soft, yellow sand and palm-fringed shores are pristine. The beach is 8km from Bocas town, along…
Beach in Playa Bluff & Around

Playa El Istmito

Playa El Istmito, also called Playa La Cabaña, is the closest beach to Bocas town (2.5km away), but as it's on the Bahía Sand Fly the chitras (sand flies) here have an itchy bite. This is not the most attractive bea…
Beach in Playa Bluff & Around

Playa Punch

Further up the coast from Playa El Istmito and Sand Dollar Beach is Playa Punch (or Paunch), which is dangerous for swimming but good for surfing. It's about 5km from Bocas town.