Train in Panama City

Panama Canal Railway Company

This glass-domed train takes passengers on a lovely ride from Panama City to Colón on weekdays, departing at 7:15am and returning at 5:15pm. The train follows the canal, at times engulfed by dense vine-strewn jungle…
Bus in Panama City

Albrook Bus Terminal

Near Albrook Airport, this terminal is a modern, one-stop location for most buses leaving Panama City. The complex includes food court, banks, shops, sports bar, storage room, bathrooms and showers. Passengers must …
Subway in Panama City

El Metro

El Metro subway is fast and convenient. Routes run north-south and east-west, with an additional line between Albrook and the City of Knowledge coming. All local buses are on the Metrobus system with designated bus …
Ferry in Panama City

Taboga Express

This catamaran is your fastest option to Taboga (30 minutes one way). Departs daily at 8am, 9:30am, 11am, 3pm and 4:30pm. There are four returns daily.
Ferry in Panama City

Sea Las Perlas

This catamaran ferry service departs for Isla Contadora daily at 7:30am, returning at 3:30pm. The journey takes one hour and 40 minutes.
Airline in Panama City

Air Panama

A Panamanian airline with destinations throughout Panama as well as San José, Costa Rica, and Medellín and Armenia, Colombia.
Airport in Panama City

Tocumen International Airport

Located 33km northeast of the city center, the international airport is currently undergoing a massive expansion.
Bus in Panama City

Tica Bus

Service to Costa Rica and other destinations in Central America in a comfortable bus with air conditioning.
Ferry in Panama City

Barcos Calypso

Departures to Isla Taboga at 8:30am weekdays, plus 3pm Friday, and at 8am, 10:30am and 4pm weekends.
Airline in Panama City

Copa Airlines

This reputable international airline also offers domestic flights to Bocas del Toro and David.