Top Choice Art in Panama City


An excellent place to find original Guna embroidery with modern designs and Congo art from Portobelo, with artisans working on site. Karavan commissions local artists and works closely to develop new talent.
Fashion & Accessories in Panama City

Papiro y Yo

An innovative boutique selling mola (traditional Guna embroidery) designs reimagined on gorgeous Italian silk. It also sells stylish jewelry and baskets crafted from recycled materials.
Fashion & Accessories in Panama City

Victor's Panama Hats

If there’s one thing you should buy when you’re in Panama, it’s a Panama hat. Although Ecuadorian in origin, they were firmly adopted by Panamanians after President Roosevelt was photographed wearing one at the cons…
Books in Panama City

El Hombre de la Mancha Bookstore

The wooden shelves of El Hombre de la Mancha feature predominantly Spanish language titles, but there’s a reasonable selection in English too, especially about Panama and its famous canal. Located in La Plaza in Ciu…
Arts & Crafts in Panama City

Casa Latina

Colorful Casa Latina has a large selection of beautiful handicrafts, ranging from the affordable to a Panama hat on sale for US $2,500! Some of the items on collectors’ lists include the detailed animal masks made b…
Arts & Crafts in Panama City

Artisan's Market Balboa

Stock up on souvenirs at this covered market behind Ancon Hill. Packed stalls sit side-by-side selling all manner of textiles and knick knacks. Most are run by Kuna women so you’ll see a lot of colourful molas (embr…
Homewares in Panama City

Nina Concept Store

This fanciful lifestyle store is filled with a curated selection of homewares and curios. Sourced from around the world, this is where you’ll find quirky notepads, beautiful photography books, scented candles, cool …
Art in Panama City

Weil Art Gallery

If you’re looking for Panamanian art, then you should visit one of the three branches of the Weil Art Gallery. Each space stocks a selection of paintings by well-known local artists, including some of Rolo de Sedas’…
Hats in Panama City

El Palacio del Sombrero

For a Panama hat with a twist, head to this newly-opened shop in Casco Viejo. The store has a small selection of traditional hats but most of the shelves are taken up by bright, bold designs. Choose from a rainbow o…
Clothing in Panama City

No Me Olvides

Featuring the classic Panamanian-made guayaberas (tropical dress shirts) made popular in the 1950s, in all colors and patterns, with a few selections for women as well.