Panama Canal attractions

Museum in Panama Canal

Miraflores Visitors Center

The easiest way to visit the Panama Canal is to head to the Miraflores Visitors Center, located just outside Panama City. This modern center features a four-floor interactive museum that looks at the canal's history…
Cemetery in Panama Canal

Cementerio Francés

This cemetery in Paraíso on the road to Gamboa about 5km north of the Pedro Miguel Locks dates from between 1880 and 1889. Though there are just 300 crosses and other markers visible here, it contains many of the 22…
Canal in Panama Canal

Pedro Miguel Locks

North past the Miraflores Locks, the Pedro Miguel Locks can be seen from the highway to Gamboa. One hundred meters beyond the locks there’s a parking strip from where onlookers can watch ships transit the canal.