Panama in detail

Travel with Children

Panama is a family oriented culture and is generally very accommodating to travelers with children. The same can’t be said of many businesses owned by expats, who very clearly state the age requirements of their guests.

Most of Panama is quite safe to travel with children, though dengue fever and, less so, malaria are present in some limited areas. Bring good insect repellent and light long-sleeved tops and long pants.

A number of tours, some low intensity, are an enjoyable way for you and your children to see Panama’s lush environment. Look for agencies with tailored family outings.

For more ideas about making the most of your family travels, look for Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children.


High chairs in restaurants are a rarity in Panama, but safety seats in rental cars are available on request. For diapers (nappies), creams and other supplies, stock up in Panama City. Generally speaking, the supermarkets are excellent in Panama, and you can find just about any product you’d find in the USA in them.