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Seafood in Isla Grande

Hotel Congo Restaurante

Set at the end of a pier, this shady, open-air restaurant and bar serves some great fare. Spanish-run, a welcome Mediterranean influence employs olive oil and caramelized onions in fragrant seafood dishes. Meanwhile…
Festival in Isla Grande

Isla Grande Carnaval

Isla Grande celebrates Carnaval in rare form: women wear traditional polleras (festive dresses), while men wear ragged pants tied at the waist with old sea rope, and everyone dances to African-influenced Conga drums…
Caribbean in Isla Grande

El Nido del Postre

Located next to Hotel Isla Grande, this tiny thatched restaurant serves some of the best food on the island, though portions are a little too modest. Try the local shrimp sauteed in garlic and served with coconut ri…
Festival in Isla Grande

Festival de San Juan Bautista

Isla Grande celebrates the Festival of San Juan Bautista with swimming and canoe races on June 24.
Seafood in Isla Grande

Sister Moon Restaurant

Sister Moon hotel's bar-restaurant is built right over the water. The menu features the island’s famous coconut-infused seafood alongside high-end cocktails.
Festival in Isla Grande

La Virgen del Carmen

The Virgen del Carmen is honored with a land and sea procession, baptisms and masses on July 16.