Snorkeling & Diving

The snorkeling and diving around Contadora is fantastic. In five nearby coral fields you can see schools of angelfish, damselfish, moray eels, parrot fish, puffer fish, butterfly fish, white-tip reef sharks and much more. Even off Playa Larga, the most popular of Isla Contadora’s beaches, you can often spot sea turtles and manta rays. There is also a lot of marine life among the rocks in front of and east of Playa Roca.

The coral fields are found offshore from the eastern end of Playa de las Suecas; at Punta Verde, near the southern end of Playa Larga; both ends of Playa Galeón; and the western end of Playa Ejecutiva.

Sailing & Boating

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty and isolation of the Archipiélago de las Perlas is to explore it on a chartered sailboat.

If you want to go island-hopping, you should contract a fishing-boat captain. Ask for recommendations at your hotel. Bring cash because they will not take credit cards.


Migrating humpback whales can be seen from July to September. Fishers take tourists out on their boats (and you might see whales while out on another excursion), but it's worth going with a naturalist guide.