Tourist Information in Yaviza

Sede Administrativa Parque Nacional Darién

Those heading to Parque Nacional Darién must stop here to register and check in with the police before heading into the jungle. Unfortunately, the office does not handle payments. Visitors deposit lodging costs dire…
Tourist Information in Pedasí

Azuero Earth Project

This volunteer-friendly NGO focuses on behind-the-scenes work in conservation and community education. Visitors can check out the research center library, with naturalist guides and maps for sale. An outdoor informa…
Tourist Information in Boquete


About 1.5km south of Boquete on the road to David, the large ATP office sits atop a bluff overlooking town. Employees pass the hours with their heads on the desk, still, you can pick up maps and pamphlets on area at…
Tourist Information in Panama City


Procedures change frequently for accessing Darién Province. At the time of research, visitors were required to send a letter detailing their itinerary to SENAFRONT in advance and maintain a copy to show at checkpoin…
Tourist Information in Portobelo


The ATP just off the main road may test your Spanish skills. Many of the employees only speak Spanish with varying degrees of helpfulness about Portobelo, Colón Province and/or Panama. You’ll find better service and…
Tourist Information in Around Parque Nacional Soberanía

Fundación Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann

This nonprofit organization created the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center and works to promote the preservation of tropical forest to support Panama’s astounding diversity of birdlife.
Tourist Information in Parque Nacional Coiba

Ranger Station

On the northern end of the island, the ranger station consists of a modest museum, several basic cabins, a camping pitch, showers and toilets. It is located beside Playa Gambute, an attractive beach alongside a scen…
Tourist Information in Panama


Promoting conservation and sustainability in Panama, ANCON has played a major role in the creation of national parks and on many occasions, has spurred the government into action on conservation issues.
Tourist Information in Panama

Fundación Mar Viva

Patrols protected marine areas in Costa Rica and Panama with the goal of ending illegal fishing and replenishing marine life. Also promotes conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.
Tourist Information in Panama City

Autoridad de Turismo Panamá

Panama’s tourism bureau is headquartered in a high-rise next to the Hilton hotel. Help is limited here; it's mostly geared toward high-end tourism. There's also an ATP booth in Casco Viejo.