Highlands drinking and nightlife

Microbrewery in Boquete

Boquete Brewing Company

With craft-beer bars all the rage in Panama these days, Boquete's contribution is more than hipster-friendly, with an outdoor patio with a food truck serving great pub grub. There's eight beers and two hard ciders o…
Cafe in Boquete

Café Ruiz

The outdoor patio at Ruiz makes a good spot to sip a cappuccino and watch the mist move across the mountains. It's also the epicenter of Panama's famous coffee industry, so you can be sure that your brew has its ori…
Club in Boquete

La Cabaña Boquete

Boquete’s only dance club has DJs, reggaetón, a young crowd and a steady stream of rum and cola to keep it all flowing, though it only opens its doors for holidays. It's by the river, north of the fairground.
Club in Boquete


Twenty-somethings gather at this dim club for whatever nightlife they can grab in an ostensibly agricultural town, with occasional live rock and salsa.