Top things to do in Gardi (Cartí) Islands

Museum in Gardi Sugdub (Cartí Suitupo)

Museo de la Cultura Guna

Stuffed with objects from everyday life as well as molas and religious artefacts, this small museum provides a good cultural and historical understanding of the Guna. A guided tour with curator Delfino Davies, who s…
Island in Gardi Sugdub (Cartí Suitupo)

Ikodub (Isla Aguja)

Escape from Gardi Sugdub (Cartí Suitupo) to picture-perfect 'Needle Island,' with its lazy palms, golden sands and gentle surf. Excursions cost from US$35.
Supermarket in Gardi Sugdub (Cartí Suitupo)

Convenience Store

Basic food supplies are available here.