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Border Crossings

Getting to Colombia

The Interamericana stops at the town of Yaviza and reappears 150km further on, far beyond the Colombian border. Overland crossings through the Darién Gap on foot are not recommended and are, in fact, illegal. The only way to reach South America is to fly directly to the city of your choice, to fly with Air Panama to Puerto Obaldía on Panama's Caribbean coast and cross over to Capurganá in Colombia, or to take a sailing excursion or a motorboat trip such as that offered by San Blas Adventures.

Getting Around

In the vast jungles of Darién Province, rivers are often the only means of travel, with pangas or canoas (long canoes; mostly motorized) providing the transportation.

Boats depart Puerto Quimba, near the Interamericana city of Metetí, for La Palma and from Yaviza for interior destinations such as El Real. In La Palma, you can hire motorized boats to Sambú. From El Real, travelers can access Pijibasal or Parque Nacional Darién via land transportation.