Top things to do

Museum in Cartí


This small museum offers a better cultural and historical understanding of the Guna. A guided tour with Delfino Davies (he speaks some English) will elucidate everything from Guna coming-of-age rituals to funerary r…
Cultural in Comarca de Guna Yala

Guna Revolution of 1925

One of the biggest holidays in Guna Yala is the commemoration of the anniversary of the Guna Revolution of 1925. It marks the day when the Guna rebelled against the Panamanian police occupying the islands, and expel…
Cultural in Comarca de Guna Yala


The Nogagope celebrates a traditional dance and takes place on Isla Tigre. The event is marked by communities from outlying islands converging on the island and dancing for three days straight. The event is followed…
Caribbean in Isla Tortuga (Morodup)

Restaurant Chef Blas

It would be hard to conjure a more idyllic setting than this tiny isle with deep white sand and three picnic tables under the palms. Chef Blas earned his whites as a Panama City chef and his presentation is fully pr…
Arts & Crafts in East Lemon & Chichime Cays

Venancio Restrepo

Visitors to the East Lemon Cays may be approached by a motorized dugout canoe carrying traveling master mola maker Venancio Restrepo. He carries buckets of beautiful molas (US$20 to US$80) made by himself or others.
Seafood in Wailidup

Kuna Niskua Restaurant

This huge plank restaurant with bar sits over the water and offers dishes of fresh octopus, fish, crab and lobster. Attached to the lodge of the same name, it's connected to the island via a long wooden dock. Contac…