Cultural in Portobelo

Festival de Diablos y Congos

The most intriguing local party is this festival of rebellion and ridicule that mocks the colonial Spaniards. Participants assume the role of escaped slaves and take ‘captives.’ It's held two weeks after Carnaval, m…
Fiesta in Portobelo

Festival del Cristo Negro

On October 21 annually, pilgrims from all over Panama arrive in Portobelo to participate in this festival, which honors a miraculous 1.5m-high statue of the Black Christ housed in the Iglesia de San Felipe. After su…
Cultural in Isla Grande

Isla Grande Carnaval

Isla Grande celebrates Carnaval in a rare way: women wear traditional polleras (festive dresses), while men wear ragged pants tied at the waist with old sea rope, and everyone dances to African-influenced Conga drum…
Fiesta in Isla Grande

La Virgen del Carmen

The Virgen del Carmen, the island's patron, is honored with a land and sea procession, baptisms and Masses on July 16.