Tourist Information in El Valle

ATP Office

This small information kiosk next to the handicrafts market is among the most helpful in Panama. Can help with information on bicycle rentals and local guides, too.
Tourist Information in El Valle

Ministerio de Ambiente Office

Next to the Aprovaca orchid garden; can answer questions about national parks and protected areas.
Medical in El Valle

Centro de Salud de El Valle

For health needs, turn to this clinic at the western end of Av Central.
Bank in Antón

Banco Nacional de Panamá

Bank branch along the Interamericana in the center of town.
Bank in El Valle

Banco Nacional de Panamá

In the center; has one of the five ATMs in El Valle.
Tourist Information in Parque Nacional Omar Torrijos

Ranger Station

Just inside the entrance of the park.
Post in El Valle

Post Office

Behind the handicrafts market.
Hospital in Penonomé

Hospital Aquilino Tejeira

At the eastern end of town.
Bank in Penonomé

Banco Nacional de Panamá

In the center; has ATMs.
Post in Penonomé

Post Office

South of Plaza Bolívar.